Key Breed Stats

Alternative names: The Dalmatian breed is also commonly known by the names Dal,Dally,Carriage Dog,Spotted Coach Dog,Firehouse Dog,Plum Pudding Dog.

Popularity: Moderately popular

Life expectancy: 11 - 14 years

Breed group: Non-Sporting Dogs (AKC), Utility Dogs (KC), Scenthounds Dogs (FCI)

Size: Medium

Male Female
Height 23 - 24 in 22 - 23 in
Weight 44 - 57 lbs 44 - 57 lbs

Coat: Short

Colors: Black, Brown, White

Key Breed Facts

Shedding: Very heavy shedder

Grooming requirements: Minimal

Good with children: Yes

Good with other pets: Yes

Intelligence / Trainability: High

Exercise needs: Very high

Tolerates being alone: Average

Hunting drive: Low

Suited as Guard dog: Average

Sensitivity: Very sensitive

Good for novice owners: Average

Hypoallergenic breed: No

Drooling: Very low

Barking: Occasional

General health: Good

Cost to keep: High







Living Conditions


Children and Other Pets



The average life expectancy of a Dalmatian is between 11 - 14 years. Like all breeds, the Dalmatian is prone to certain hereditary health conditions. A responsible breeder will only breed with dogs that have been cleared for these conditions. A Dalmatian is prone to these diseases:
  • Hereditary deafness (hereditary)
  • Skin allergies (hereditary)
  • Urolithiasis (hereditary)
  • Iris Sphincter Dysplasia (hereditary)
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (hereditary) : Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a very common genetic orthopedic trait, which is affected by environmental and dietary factors. Canine hip dysplasia occurs when there is an abnormality in the development of the hip joint. More info»